Carol Glover and Athalia
2014 US Dressage Finals: First Level Freestyle, 6th place
"Thank you, John and Marissa, for being fundamental to our successful first year showing Athalia in First Level Freestyle. You partnered with us throughout every step of the process from the design of the music to celebrating our wins. And there is no question in my mind that our music stood out at every competition. The Music of Carmen was powerful, dramatic and accentuated Athalia’s movements. And it kept many humming the melody after the rides. I would highly recommend your services to anyone at any level wanting to design a powerful and memorable Freestyle. Looking forward to our next endevour together."

Yvonne De Haan Berkhout and Depeche
2013 Region 3, I-1 Reserve Champions
"My horse Depeche and I had never done anything like a musical freestyle before so to
be so lucky to find Miracle Music Freestyles has made it such a great experience. The advice to change a few movements in my test and the added sound effects and melody lines to my music helped to make us the 2013 Region 3, I-1 Reserve Champions."

Chris Derr and Ruth Ann
SCDCTA 2013 AA Freestyle Champions (74.5)
"Performing a musical freestyle has been on my ‘bucket list’ for years. After several unsuccessful attempts to put one together I contacted Miracle Music Freestyles and asked for help. Johnny and Marissa created “Totally Jazzed” – a 3rd Level freestyle for ‘Team Ruthless’. It fits our personality, is fun to ride, and scores well with the judges. They made the process very easy and enjoyable – from counting beats per minute in their studio to halting on center line."

Laura Wharton-Mero and Zandor
I-1 Gladstone 2012 7th Place Over all
"I was very pleased that Miracle Music Freestyles was able to adjust our choice of music for my horse and my ride. Their positive attitude and willingness to make changes to the program and the music made it a pleasureable experience. The finished product is a good match for my horse."
Laura Wharton-Mero

Photo Credit: David Mullinax

Anna Kate Johnson and Seaview
2011 National Pony Club 4th Place
"The Woodall’s, owners of Miracle Music Freestyles, were amazing to work with!!! They were very helpful and so much fun. Throughout the making of my freestyle, my horse’s gaits had changed. They met with me multiple times to get everything worked out. I never had any question about their ability.

My freestyle was for Pony Club Nationals. I was competing in Training level. It was my first time doing a freestyle and I didn’t know how things worked. They put in extra sounds to help me know when something was coming up. Having them added to my music was a big help! We ended up placing 4th out of 58!!! With that accomplishment, I give it all to Miracle Music. They were the masterminds! If I do another freestyle, I will know where to go! J"
Anna Kate Johnson and Seaview

Wendy Limerick & Danos
Adult Amateur
" I just wanted you both to know how much I appreciated all your help over the past year as we worked together to create my very first freestyle. As you know Danos and I went on to ride our freestyle at a recognized show. Not only did I receive my highest score ever; that day I received my first high point award also. I owe so much of that success to the both of you. As you can see from the picture I included, Danos was pretty proud of himself. My next goal is to compete at second level and then work with you again to create my next freestyle.

You guys are the best!

Many thanks,
Wendy Limerick”

 Carol Phillips & Hera

Grand Prix Region 3 Freestyle Champions 2010
“I thoroughly enjoyed having Miracle Music orchestrate my Grand Prix Freestyle program.  Marissa and Johnny Woodall from Miracle Music were marvelous to work with.  They took a great deal of time to review my musical tastes, assiduously evaluated my horse’s gaits in person and on video, listened to hours of recorded music to identify just the right passages for my  choreography, and enhanced certain musical sections with Johnny’s original composing.  Their creativity, patience, and talent had the desired result as Hera (my  horse) and I had success in the show ring, culminating in the Regional Grand Prix Freestyle Championship for 2010.  Thank you Marissa and Johnny!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Brad Thatcher • Applewood Farm

Stephanie Bedford & Val
NAJYRC 2010 5th Place
“My experience with Miracle Music was better than perfect. Johnny and Marissa are each incredible artists in their own right, and the job that they did for me was beyond my expectations. I never once doubted them when they told me that all would be ready and it would be flawless. And it was! After earning the Individual Bronze Medal, I learned I was qualified for the musical freestyle. I was overjoyed that we would get to demonstrate all of our collective hard work. I did not one, but three, sound checks to make sure that all of Miracle Music’s hard work would show and that my horse and I would have the best ride possible. When it finally came time to ride down into that arena it was with total confidence and a big smile that I put my hand up and heard my music burst through the loud speakers. It was everything and more than I could have imagined for riding my first true international musical freestyle. We ended up fifth place overall with a freestyle I had never shown and only practiced a few times. I was ecstatic! I cannot wait for 2011 because I am moving up to Young Riders and I am going to need a whole new freestyle. Get ready, Johnny and Marissa! I know who I will be calling, and who I will be recommending to every other ride I know – Miracle Music Freestyles!”

From Barbara (Stephanie’s Mother):

“Johnny and Marissa were angels who came to our rescue. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful Johnny and Marissa were to work with. They weren’t fazed by the short deadline, the freestyle challenge, or my budget for the music. They worked with me every step of the way. They are truly gifted musicians and choreographers. I would recommend their services to any rider, Young Rider or not. Thank you for all that you do!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Barbara Bedford

 Alyssa Eidbo & Johnny Cash

I-1 Winner 2008 Kentucky CDI
“My daughter Alyssa and I worked with the Woodalls to craft the music for her Young Rider freestyle, to match choreography designed by our trainer, Karen Lipp.  Working with Johnny and Marissa was a delight, they are truly artists and deeply understand what works and what doesn't in a freestyle. They put a tremendous amount of time and effort into making sure the music fit the gaits of the horse and the choreography. They studied the videotapes of Alyssa and her horse, and then presented several options for music that would suit them, covering a variety of genres.  Alyssa chose a medley of beautiful classical pieces suggested by the Woodalls, who then updated them with a rock beat underneath to make it more “danceable”.  The results were fantastic – gave me goose bumps the first time I heard it.  After Alyssa rode her freestyle for the first time down in Wellington, FL, the videographer sought me out to find out who had done her music.  He said, "that was the best freestyle I have ever seen – and I have seen a lot of them!".  We were thrilled when Alyssa qualified for the National Young Rider Championships that year, and we are very grateful to Johnny and Marissa for helping her to get there.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Melody Moore Jackson

 Nicole DelGiorno & Lamborgine Dane

2009 NAJYRC Individual and
Musical Freestyle Gold Medalist
USDF Youth Programs Advisory Subcommittee Chairman and Region 1 Rep.

Reserve Champions at the Brentina Cup
(Young Adult Grand Prix)

“What makes Miracle Music unique, what truly sets it apart from every other source out there, is its specialization: Miracle Music is a musical freestyle company. Not only can they compile a seamlessly edited piece of music, they can compose it, they can recognize the tone that embodies your horse and find that perfect combination of notes that adds the magic, the “chill factor”, to any test. They are not only horse enthusiasts, who can predict well before you can a possible tweak in the choreography or tempo based upon a horse’s particular strengths and weaknesses, they are truly artists. I have always been impressed with the professionalism, expertise, energy and talent of Marissa and Johnny Woodall at Miracle Music, but what has always struck me the most is their sincere passion for what they do. With this in mind, I can confidently say that Miracle Music creates some of the best freestyles in the country and is one of the last keepers of the art in dressage.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Susan Stickle

Please contact us at info@miraclemusicfreestyles.com
or call 770-345-2776 for a specific quote on your freestyle.
Woodstock, Georgia 30188

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